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Service employment paycheque

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Service employment paycheque

Are you taking care of a loved one who is experiencing loss of autonomy and would like some support in the daily tasks you provide for them? Did you know that your loved one could receive home care services through the service employment paycheque program? Generally speaking, the service employment paycheque is a number of hours of home care services allocated to a person experiencing loss of autonomy. Here is what you need to know about this program.

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A home support service

The service employment paycheque is designed to help people experiencing loss of autonomy live at home, by enabling them to seek home care services, which may include household tasks, meal preparation or personal assistance. This is a free program that allows you to choose the hours during which you want to receive services

How can I find out whether my loved one qualifies for the service employment paycheque program?

To find out whether your loved can benefit from the service employment paycheque, you must contact the coordinator of this program at your CLSC. This is the person who will guide you in the various steps of the process. If your loved one is eligible for the program, your coordinator will also help you choose the service provider and organize their schedule. Do not hesitate to contact your coordinator for all the details on the process.

What are the responsibilities of the person benefiting from the service employment paycheque program?

As the beneficiary of the service employment paycheque, your loved one acts as the employer. You can help and support your loved one in the implementation and functioning of the program, but you will not be considered the employer.

Your program coordinator remains your primary reference. You may also consult the official guide from the Government of Quebec for all the details on the service employment paycheque.

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