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Recognition of caregivers under the law

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How is the recognition of caregivers ensured under the law?

Passed in 2020, the Act to Recognize and Support Caregivers recognizes the essential contribution caregivers make to society.

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Subject Knowing the rights and status of the caregiver

Four values for the recognition of caregivers under the law

In October 2020, the Act to Recognize and Support Caregivers came into effect. From this law comes the National policy for caregivers. It is based on four values: dignity, solidarity, caring and fairness.

Concrete actions

The 2021–2026 government action plan (in French only) supports the implementation of the National Policy and strengthens the recognition of caregivers under the law. Here are some examples of concrete actions outlined in the plan:

Recognizing yourself as a caregiver

On pages 11 to 22 (in French only), the National Policy also describes in detail who caregivers support, what activities they perform, what consequences they experience and what their needs are.

☐ Do you provide support to one or more individuals in your life?

☐ Does this person or persons have a temporary or permanent disability?

☐ Is this disability physical, psychological, psychosocial or other?

☐ Do you share an emotional or family connection?

☐ Is your support ongoing or occasional, short-term or long-term?

☐ Is your support offered in a non-professional capacity?

Do you recognize yourself?

Develop your knowledge on caregivers with the page prepared by the Government of Quebec.

Find each other, get together, share ideas

The law affirms “the willingness of the Government of Quebec and of Quebec society as a whole to mobilize in order to implement concerted actions aimed at recognizing the contribution of caregivers and supporting them in their role.” Recognition is achieved through various actions such as:

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