Podcast: Season 3 reveals the diversity of the journey

02 June 2023

Podcast: Season 3 reveals the diversity of the journey

For a 3rd consecutive season, Marina Orsini welcomed celebrities, caregivers and professionals from the community and health and social services networks. She shared their poignant stories, their emotions and their tips.

Marina Orsini

This year, 31 people agreed to share their experiences and realities as caregivers. The diversity of the stories presented highlighted the diversity of caregiving profiles: those who have been caregivers for twenty years, those who have just become caregivers; those for whom caregiving is temporary, those for whom it will be permanent… The guests recounted their experiences as parents, spouses or child caregivers, with surprising openness and generosity.

Episode 1: Autism Spectrum Disorder

With Sylvain Parent-Bédard and Cathleen Rouleau, Guylaine Guay and Ginette Boulanger

When you have typical children, when adulthood arrives (…) things calm down a bit. In our case, it’s the opposite, it doesn’t calm down, other responsibilities are added—Guylaine Guay

Episode 2: Strokes

With Nadia Desaulniers, Claire Croteau, Louis-Philippe Rivard and Josée Boudreault

There’s been a lot of grief. The loss of spontaneity: ah, I’m going somewhere. Oh no, I can’t just leave, I’ve got to get organized (…). Mourning my mother. It’s not the same as it was—Nadia Desaulniers

Episode 3: Alzheimer’s and cognitive disorders

With Valérie Blais, Mélanie Maynard, Serge Deschamps and Guylaine Thériault

It takes a while before you start to feel exhausted, to recognize that you have limits—Serge Deschamps

Episode 4: Intellectual disability and brain damage

With Jeanick Fournier, Marlène Richer and Hector Guardardo, Rémy Girard and Geneviève Labrecque

I’m a caregiver. All the acts of well-being and comfort are part of my daily life. Apart from medical procedures, I can do everything—Rémy Girard

Episode 5: Mental health

With Jean-Philippe Dion, Mélanie Lamothe, and Valérie Fortier

Mental health is a taboo subject for the person living with it and for caregivers—Valérie Fortier

Episode 6: Rare diseases and children with special needs

With Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Maryline Picard and Laure Waridel

It feels like the end of the world, but in fact it’s the beginning of a new world. It’s a difficult adventure, but it’s one of the most beautiful adventures I’ve ever had and am still having—Laure Waridel

Episode 7: Addiction

With Jean-Marie Lapointe, Claudia Dallaire and her spouse Maxim Bouchard, and David Galipeau

The role of the caregiver is to be there to provide support behind the person. Not in front, trying to pull them up. You have to strike a balance between being a caregiver—providing support, listening, giving of yourself—and also giving the person the space to make their own decisions and take responsibility—David Galipeau

Episode 8: Cancer

With Pierre-Paul Alain, Marc Labrèche, Andrée Dupuis, et Valérie Hamel

It takes strength to reach out for help—Valérie Hamel

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