Safety issues
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Simple and accessible actions to prevent fraud

Measures for preventing fraud against seniors for caregivers and their care receivers

Daily actions

•   Do not disclose personal information;

•   Shred documents containing personal information before throwing them in the garbage;

•   Do not answer phone calls from private or unknown numbers;

•   Take note of the care receiver’s overall network, which is not just defined by family relationships;

•   Learn to say no.


Records management

•    Put all records in order;

•    Make notes on the records (insurance, banking, mortgage...), especially who to contact in an emergency;

•    Monitor any unusual action in bank accounts (expenditures, transfers);

•    Manage the mail (identify the reason for the mailing, and cancel subscriptions if applicable);

•    Request for power of attorney on important matters.


Professional network

•    Contact the CLSC if there is a need for external support workers at the home of the care receiver, such as the Aide à la Vie Domestique (AVD) type; these people all undergo background checks.

•    Meet with all financial and tax professionals involved in the care receiver's life (notary, financial advisor...)

•    Inform these same professionals in the event the care receiver experiences cognitive impairment



•    Register their address on the Canadian Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail list. This prevents companies that are members from contacting you for six years:

•    Affix a No Flyers Please sticker to the mailbox;

•    Remove the address from the lists Canada Post rents to its customers:

•    File an official complaint to Canada Post if the advertising mail items continue.



•    Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), managed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP): 1 888-495-8501

•    Autorité des marchés financiers: 1 877-525-0337

•    Office de la protection du consommateur: 1 888 672-2556

•    Sûreté du Québec: 514-598-4141 (general number)

•    SPVM: 514-393-1133 (this is the number for reporting an event anonymously; for emergencies, dial 9-1-1)