National Caregivers' Week : more recognition and support for caregivers at the heart of the second wave

26 October 2020

National Caregivers' Week : more recognition and support for caregivers at the heart of the second wave

26 October 2020

From November 1 to 7, on the occasion of National Caregivers' Week (NCW), L’Appui says "an essential thank you" and asks for lessons to be learned from the first wave, as the second wave of COVID-19 once again puts caregivers to the test.

A digital campaign to say an "essential thank you" to caregivers

In this context and on the occasion of NCW 2020, L'Appui highlights the essential role of caregivers through a campaign that looks back at their experiences in times of COVID-19. "We would like to thank and highlight the exceptional role of caregivers. They were and are incredibly strong during the pandemic and their stories deserve to be told," says Guillaume Joseph, Executive Director of Caregiver Support.


More recognition and support for caregivers 

"The importance of caregivers was really emphasized during the pandemic and serious advances were made," says Guillaume Joseph. Among them, the adoption of Bill 56, which aims to recognize and support caregivers. This project was developed with the support of l'Appui, which notably defended the importance of collaboration between the various stakeholders in caregiving. This position of partnership with health actors, particularly the Government, allows l'Appui to ensure that caregivers are supported in every decision made.

"We will be able to properly support caregivers if we work together to recognize and support them. They are part of the solution, and the NCW is a good opportunity to remind us of this," said Guillaume Joseph.

Activities for caregivers, throughout Québec

Do not hesitate to check with the community organizations in your region to find out their programming.

For more information on the activities planned, visit the My Regional Appui Office section on our website or l'Appui Facebook page.

Caregiver Support 

Caregiver Support is a free and confidential phone consultation, information and referral service for the caregivers of older adults, as well as friends and family, practitioners and health care professionals. Trained to listen to and guide caregivers towards available services, our professional advisors can, among other things, assist family and friends with their psychosocial issues during a pandemic.

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Need to talk?

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