Summer is approaching, are you planning some time relax?

27 May 2021

Summer is approaching, are you planning some time relax?

Once again this year, planning annual vacation looks somewhat different due to the pandemic. Here are some tips to facilitate the organization of your vacation and (re)discover our “belle province.”

27 May 2021

Rest up to provide better help: respite services

As a caregiver, you wear many hats. A multitude of demanding responsibilities falls on your shoulders. It is normal and predictable that you feel the need to rest and catch your breath from time to time.

In Quebec, various services have been implemented to respond to this need. Whether occasional, regular or even extended, respite services cover all the activities that allow caregivers to rest, physically and emotionally, and to better combat stress.

Taking your loved one with you

Travelling with your loved one can be a way to escape the everyday and make new discoveries together. However, when your loved one is experiencing temporary or permanent incapacity, planning travel becomes especially complicated.

Before zipping up your suitcase, there are precautions to take and things to think about, especially with respect to medications, potential disorientation in a new environment, stress, the exhaustion of travel, etc.

Inspiration for your vacation

Quebec for all: accessible adventures

Quebec for all is a platform that promotes accessible activities in Quebec. You will discover suggested itineraries, ideas for activities based on your interests and suggestions for accessible accommodations and transportation.

This database includes more than 2,000 tourist facilities that have been certified as accessible or partially accessible by Kéroul, an organization that helps people with limited physical ability enjoy tourism and cultural activities.

Museums to discover

The Société des musées du Québec lists nearly 300 museums in Quebec. Among other activities, it suggests routes for discovering the museums based on various themes: Explore the richness of Indigenous cultural heritage, discover the St. Lawrence River, observe the secrets of nature, or dive into the history of New France.

Search museums certified as accessible by Kéroul.

From the comfort of your living room, you can visit many virtual exhibitions presented by major museums. Many of them have expanded their digital offering since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Discover the “Virtual Visits and Experiences” page of the Museums of Quebec. It includes a search engine to facilitate the discovery of more than 100 digital content options from museums. For example, join specialists from the Pointe-à-Callière museum in exploring surprising facts about Montreal past and present in the Raconter Montréal podcast series.

For local food lovers

Choose from among the many gourmet routes throughout Quebec suggested on the Saison du terroir et des saveurs du Québec site (in French only). This an initiative of the Association de l’agrotourisme et du tourisme gourmand du Québec to highlight local producers, artisans, products and flavours.

Some general tips before you hit the road

  • Have realistic expectations. Plan activities based on the abilities and interests of your loved one.
  • Do not overfill your days; plan time to rest between activities.
  • Be prepared to make adjustments on site.
  • Respect your boundaries. Do not aim for a “perfect” trip.
  • Bring a bag of useful and comforting items, based on your loved one's condition.
  • Bring medications and important documents with you, especially a list of people to contact in an emergency, a list of food allergies and a list of medications and doses.
  • As needed, make sure that your loved one is wearing a bracelet that helps identify them (this is especially important for people who may wander off).


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