ParticipACTION released its first-ever Adult Report Card!

10 February 2020

ParticipACTION released its first-ever Adult Report Card!

10 February 2020

ParticipACTION is a non-profit organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle and good physical fitness. Its very first Adult Report Card was released last fall and explains that ageing well is the result of healthy lifestyle habits.

What is described as an “inactivity crisis among adults” is a major concern for the organization, which promotes the benefits of physical activity on our health. To age better, we must all make moving more and regular physical activity a daily priority.

People who are caregivers to their parents and also have dependent children, known as the “sandwich generation,” are especially encouraged to stay active, despite their obligations, so they can stay healthy.

This first report card focuses on three key benefits of physical activity:

  • Staying on your feet, especially to improve balance and avoid falls;
  • Staying cognitively strong, to slow the progression of cognitive losses;
  • Staying connected. When you practise a sport, for example, opportunities for conversation, meeting new people and developing community involvement increase.

More generally, the Adult Report Card is a wealth of information, recommendations and recent data on physical activity, as well as on the government measures to support it, on sleep quality and benchmarks, now and especially as we age.

Although ageing is a part of life, if we stay active, we can stay mobile and independent.

To read the official press release, click here.

To get your copy of the Adult Report Card, click here.

For more information on all the initiatives and projects of the ParticipACTION organization, click here.


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