On May 18, visit a museum ... from home!

06 May 2020

On May 18, visit a museum ... from home!

06 May 2020

Many museums offer virtual tours of their collections. Why not give this unique activity a try on May 18, International Museum Day?

Worries, frustration and uncertainties ... For those of you taking care of your loved one, confinement may stir up these negative emotions and put your resilience to the test. In the daily turmoil that may have picked up in recent months, one of the most important recommendations that we can make to you is to try to find moments of relaxation. Whether by yourself or with your loved ones, taking a few minutes can give you a breath of fresh air and opportunities for enriching conversations.

Virtual activities...

Visit, learn and be guided: most museums across the globe have made themselves available to lift your spirits. In Quebec, the Société des Musées du Québec is hoping to cheer you up with various virtual experiences. You can take a virtual tour of course, but there are also online games, discussions on exhibits and interactive activities available free of charge. Are you normally too short on time to enjoy these initiatives? May 18 will provide a good opportunity to take time for yourself!

… And cultural discoveries

If you are looking for inspiration, or even an activity that will capture your interest or that of your loved one, you might appreciate the  variety of cultural suggestions available free of charge day on the Facebook page of Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal: meetings with museum employees and artists, creative workshops, concerts and art therapy ... so many opportunities to discover art, and so many chances to gain new perspectives.

… As well as reasons to strike up a conversation

Your lifestyles have probably changed, especially how much you use screens. Staying in touch with you care for when they do not live with you is likely happening increasgingly through electronic devices. But taking breaks from the screen in important, to avoid sitting or laying down all the time and to limit your exposure to blue light, which can be damaging to your eyes over the long term. Get up and call (without video) your loved one who took a virtual visit of an exhibit at the same time as you or strike up a conversation about one of its artworks: do not hesitate to prolong the pleasure that you may get through these cultural discoveries.


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