Current health regulations: how to navigate them?

05 January 2022

Current health regulations: how to navigate them?

The following is a summary of recent health regulations put in place to protect those individuals who are most at risk.

Health regulations are changing rapidly. We know that this situation is particularly difficult for you.

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05 January 2022

Measures in place in the different locations

We encourage you to consult the policies in effect in the CHSLDs, RIs and RPAs and in the hospitals before you travel.

Guidelines differ depending on whether or not an outbreak is present in the setting.

In all cases, to enter, you must:

  • present your vaccination passport;
  • follow basic health guidelines for the living environment;
  • wear a medical grade face mask, according to current guidelines, and maintain physical distance.

A caregiver may visit their family member more than once in the same day.

Curfew travel certificate

A curfew was declared on December 31, 2021. It is in effect between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in all regions of Quebec.

Caregivers must follow the guidelines of the general population, including minimizing contact and respecting the curfew.

However, in certain specific situations, caregivers must go to the bedside or home of the person being cared for to provide assistance or to ensure their safety due to a specific clinical condition.

The following reasons may be given for being outside of one’s place of residence:

  • to provide assistance to a person in need
  • to provide a service or support to a person for safety purposes
  • to provide care for a child or vulnerable person
  • to visit a person at the end of life
  • for an emergency

To do so, a caregiver must obtain a certificate from a health and social services establishment or a medical clinic justifying travel during curfew when clinically required for the user.

The request can be made by telephone, but the form must be signed by the professional.

There is no charge for the preparation and mailing of the travel certificate.

Consult the measures and certificate model.


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