COVID19 - Wearing a mask: the whys and hows

05 June 2020

COVID19 - Wearing a mask: the whys and hows

05 June 2020

Historically, we have never had an everyday mask-wearing (or face covering) culture, and yet they have become a necessity. Here’s why.

Wearing a mask to protect others

COVID-19 is transmitted by airborne micro-droplets that enter the body through the nose or mouth. By wearing a mask to cover your nose, mouth and chin, you are limiting the quantity of micro-droplets that can become airborne around you.

Remember that you can be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus without having any symptoms. A mask protects others by limiting the spread of the virus if you are unknowingly a carrier. Therefore, wearing a mask when visiting a loved one offers them additional protection.

Wearing a home-made mask may not necessarily prevent you from catching the virus, but the more people wear them, the more we contribute to our collective protection. Therefore, it is strongly advised to wear a mask in public places, such as public transit, grocery stores, pharmacies and other stores, especially when the 2-meter social distancing rule cannot be respected.

Add the habit of wearing a mask to regular hand hygiene (washing your hands for at least 20 seconds), observing social distancing and staying home if you are sick to minimize as much as possible the risk of spreading the virus.

Do you want to make your own mask and learn to use it properly? Visit the Quebec Government’s page on Wearing a mask or a face covering in public settings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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