COVID-19 - How to manage your anxiety

09 April 2020

COVID-19 - How to manage your anxiety

09 April 2020

As a caregiver, you may feel stressed about the confinement period. What can you do to restore your calm? Here are our tips.

Accept the stress, but limit its sources

Against a backdrop of pandemic and confinement, it is perfectly normal for your level of anxiety to increase. Recall stressful situations that you have experienced in the past and remember the strategies that you used to manage your stress better.

However, do not feed your stress! The never-ending news and rumours can in fact contribute to raising your anxiety level. Limiting your exposure to the media and your presence on social networks is a good way to contain your anxiety.  

Find a routine

Keeping a comforting routine (sleep, healthy food, physical exercise, recreation, etc.) is an important first step. Try not to get out of your rhythm: go to bed and get up at the same times as usual and eat the same types of meals.

In these periods of more intense stress, refocus yourself on what makes you feel good: listening to music, meditating, walking, dancing, knitting, talking to a friend on the phone, watching a movie, etc., are good activities!

Finally, talk on the phone with members of your family. Seek comfort in your significant relationships. Talking to the people you love is a good habit to get into, to manage your stress like in normal times! 

Support available

Generally speaking, if you need advice on your caregiving situation during these uncertain times, remember that you are not alone, and many community organizations are offering support by telephone. In particular, this is what our Caregiver Support service does: our counsellors are there to help you.

By telephone: 1 855 852-7784

By email:


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