COVID-19 - Getting rid of guilt

09 April 2020

COVID-19 - Getting rid of guilt

09 April 2020

The quarantining of seniors implies leaving your loved ones alone. If you are feeling guilty, how do you make peace with this decision?

What you are feeling is normal

Please know that this feeling of guilt is normal. Most family caregivers feel the guilt at various levels. In the current confinement context where social distancing measures are collectively imposed, many emotions are compounded with the feeling of guilt (anger, frustration, sadness and helplessness).

First step to reduce this feeling of guilt is to acknowledge it (which you have already done, good job!) and then to explore what you can do to either change your perception of the situation or the situation itself (ask yourself - what can I do about it?). 

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A decision to protect your loved ones 

Taking a step back to adopt a broader vision of the current context could help you reduce the
feeling of guilt. 

Often remind yourself that avoiding visiting your senior loved ones is a public health-issued
order to protect the people most likely to contract the virus and suffer serious and sometimes
fatal consequences. Remember that you did not decide to stop visiting your loved ones – the
Government of Quebec requires us to stay home to protect the senior population. 

By respecting this measure, you are preventing your loved ones from exposing themselves to
the risks of contamination. 

Taking back control 

Unfortunately, you have no control over the current situation, or the containment period issued by public health authorities. 

However, there are other ways to "visit" your loved ones, either by calling them on the phone or hosting regular virtual meetings. This will provide great comfort for you and for your loved ones. Don't hesitate to read our article on the ways to play virtually with your loved ones!


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