COVID-19 - 5 ways to play virtual games with your loved one

09 April 2020

COVID-19 - 5 ways to play virtual games with your loved one

09 April 2020

Telephone and video calls are great ways to keep in touch with your loved one. It is also possible to add playful and fun elements to these calls. Here are l’Appui’s 5 virtual game suggestions to play with your loved one.

1. During a telephone conversation

While your loved one might not be technologically inclined, you can still enjoy games together! During a telephone conversation, why not suggest a game of riddles to stimulate the brain? Alternatively, your loved one could ask you to help them fill the blanks in a crossword puzzle.

What you need: A telephone line.

Level of difficulty: 1/5

2. During a video conversation

If your loved one is equipped with a webcam, you can start a video call session and play a game of mime. Don't hesitate to add rules such as the requirement to use a household object or a specific piece of clothing.

Another suggestion is to play Pictionary – your loved one draws an object and shows it to you with their camera while you try to guess what it is. Switch sides and play again!

What you need: A smartphone, a tablet or a laptop with a front camera, or a desktop PC with a webcam, as well as an Internet connection.

Level of difficulty: 2/5

3. Online applications  

Applications such as Facebook (in the games section) or HouseParty have a wealth of activities to play in a synchronized or delayed fashion. For example, HouseParty has a game where you must guess what your loved one is drawing, while Facebook has Quiz Planet, a game that puts your general knowledge to the test. Plato is another option that integrates popular games and online chat. Billiards, chess, Uno – there is something for everyone!

Level of difficulty: 3/5
While the games are user-friendly, basic knowledge is required to install the applications or to access them if already installed.

4. Online gaming sites

Many Web gaming sites offer the possibility to play games remotely. For example, you can play Connect 4 together.

What you need: A computer or a tablet.

Level of difficulty: 4/5

5. Multiple games Web Sites

If your loved one is comfortable using technology, why not visit sites with a more complex, but exhaustive interface to play a board game? Happy Meeple has two-player board games. Good to know: You can also play against artificial intelligence or other online players.

Board Game Arena has all the great classic board games with online play.

What you need: A computer or preferably a tablet.

Level of difficulty: 5/5

Bonus: single player platforms

What if you cannot play at the same time as your loved one? Why not compare your scores?

You loved one could perhaps play a game of Solitaire or Sudoku

Level of difficulty: 3/5
Provided that your loved one has working knowledge of the Internet.


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