April 2020 - Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

21 April 2020

April 2020 - Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

21 April 2020

Since the start of the month, Parkinson Québec has been sharing good news to brighten the days of all people directly or indirectly affected by Parkinson’s disease and bring a little joy to the hearts of all those in confinement.

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. During this period of confinement and worry, stress, frustration and even anger can add to the difficulties related to the disease. The people affected and their loved ones may feel more vulnerable and less motivated to find the positive in their daily life. This is the reason why Parkinson Québec hopes to see “A smile on your face”. This hope is the chosen theme for this year. For one moment, one day, one conversation, the organization encourages use to share notes of joy, hope and good news. Discover the good news from Parkinson Québec, as well as specific information for people living with the disease and their caregivers.

Sharing hope

The research on Parkinson's disease is currently focused on evaluating existing medications. As such, the effectiveness of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), currently used to treat gallstones, was identified. The first phase of the study conducted by an American team obtained very promising results. The continuation of the second phase is thus being followed very closely.

Sharing an inspiring story

Recently diagnosed, Johanne recounts the repercussions of Parkinson's on her life. Inspiring and resilient, she has decided that the illness will take up as little room as possible in her daily life. She finds comfort and the strength to overcome challenges by communicating. Talking with her family and close friends is liberating, much more so than she could have imagined. Dynamic by nature, she continues to practise many recreational activities. Dance and yoga, of which she was already an avid practitioner, but also meditation, dance adapted for people with Parkinson's disease and drawing ... countless activities to help her keep up her creativity, motivation and morale.

Sharing resources

The benefits of physical activity are clearly evident. The good news is that people with Parkinson's can also benefit from adapted exercises. If you take care of someone with the disease in your home, you can thus do physical activities together. A great way to counter sluggishness and enjoy a nice time.

Helping during the confinement period comes with its share of challenges, and sometimes discouragement. Daily life may be more difficult and more delicate. Feeling overwhelmed by the current situation is legitimate. To answer your concerns and your questions, the Parkinson Québec resources remain available, and groups together a great deal of information for caregivers to help them better support their loved one without forgetting to take care of themselves.

For access to other references and advice, you may reach Parkinson Québec at 1 800 720-1307, by email, or visit their website.

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