A quick guide for great holidays in Quebec

08 July 2020

A quick guide for great holidays in Quebec

08 July 2020

Summer is finally at out doorstep, but the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing us to plan trips abroad. This is a great opportunity to discover our beautiful province and its abundance of great activities and beautiful places.

Discovering the beauty of our small villages

The Government urges us to travel within Quebec this summer. So, why not start with our countryside? Quebec is filled with small villages that showcase our province’s heritage and history. The Association des plus beaux villages du Québec, comprised of forty of the most beautiful villages of Quebec, told us that reservations for the 2020 season are exploding!

With that in mind, please remember to book quickly if you want to enjoy the charms of Tadoussac, Sainte-Rose-du-Nord or even the lesser-known Port-au-Persil. These trips will allow you to leave the stress of the city behind you while enjoying exceptional landscapes, such as the Saguenay fjords that reach Sainte-Rose-du-Nord. Wind down and breathe the fresh air!

Great activities at fair prices

We all know that holidays can be expensive, even when staying close to home. To help Quebecers explorer the province for less, Bonjour Québec is offering five packages to Explore Québec on the road with 25 % discount on adventures ranging from simple road trips to planned itineraries, as well as specialized “kitesurf” sporting trips.

For added savings, book well in advance, as prices rise very quickly. You can choose low-cost outdoor activities, such as kayaking in the Saguenay fjords or hiking in beautiful places like Gaspé Park or Mont-Tremblant. You could also learn scuba diving in Sainte Luce or Sainte-Rose-du-Nord.

Don’t forget to check if the sites you would like to visit are open and what the health recommendations are, so you know exactly what to expect once you get there.

A nomadic summer

If you are in the mood for more adventurous holidays, you can choose to live it up nomad style and hit the road alone of with loved ones. There are beautiful road tripsto do in our province, such as the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route or the St-Lawrence Lighthouse Trail with nearly forty lighthouses to visit. Why not rent a van for a wilderness getaway? Enhance your van road trip with a night of camping in a national park for a richer experience. Always remember to check access conditions before visiting these destinations.

Enjoying summer safely

Above all, if you decide to go vacationing, remember to observe protection measures. These include washing your hands regularly, keeping a distance of two meters from people outside your group, and wearing a mask as often as possible. If you use gloves, do not wear them for too long, as this increases the chance of spreading COVID-19 residues. Lastly, use contactless payment when paying for goods and services. When travelling, try to limit your stopovers to essential needs (gas, necessary prescription drugs, bathroom breaks, etc.).

Opt for family activities with a limited number of people in group outings (this is where discounted packages can become very interesting) to facilitate the eradication of COVID-19. Think about your health and those around you. In the end, why stand close to other people when you can enjoy the immense beauty of our Quebec wilderness?

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