Project to share and transfer knowledge

07 December 2022

Project to share and transfer knowledge

On several occasions, Francophone associations outside Quebec have asked for the Appui's expertise. With the support of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence, l'Appui is currently implementing a project entitled "Reaching out to Francophone and Acadian caregivers living in a linguistic minority context : A project to share and transfer knowledge."

07 December 2022

The goal of the project is to establish the foundations of a pan-Canadian network of Francophone organizations  that seek to provide increased support to caregivers outside Quebec, to share with them a common understanding of the issues faced by both organizations and caregivers, and ultimately to be able to transfer our knowledge and expertise acquired over more than 10 years to Francophone caregivers working across Canada.

A Canada-wide project to share and transfer knowledge

Approximately one in four Canadians aged 15 and over (representing 7.8 million people) provided care to a family member or friend with a long-term health problem, a physical or mental disability or aging-related issue (Statistics Canada, 2018). In recent years, more and more studies aim to better understand the role of caregivers in Canada, but few have focused on the realities of fancophone caregivers outside Quebec.

It is crucial to take an interest in those communities who find themselves in a three-tiered minority : in their provinces and territories, in their country and on their continent. The Francophone communities live scattered across the country and have specific needs due to their distinct socio-demographic context, especially in regard to their aging index, which is proportionally higher than the general Canadian population (Grefops, 2018).

The ultimate goal of this project is that each francophone caregiver can count on a strong pan-Canadian network that cares about meeting their needs by relying on the best knowledge and practices in the field of caregiving," explains Karine Cinq-Mars, Project Manager at l'Appui.

Specific objectives

Specific objectives : 

  • Mapping of Francophone organizations outside Quebec that serve caregivers.
  • Evaluation of the needs of these organizations from different angles (training, networking, cooperation, support, resource sharing, etc.).
  • Based on the needs identified, support the organizations that serve caregivers by offering them relevant tools adapted to their context.

Target Audiences (outside Quebec)

  • Francophone or Anglophone caregiving organizations that seek to improve their services for french-speaking Canadians
  • Francophone community associations and organizations
  • Francophone caregivers
  • Francophone academic institutions and training centres (colleges, universities, trade schools)

If you have an interest in the project or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact our project manager Karine Cinq-Mars via email :

In partnership with

Canadian Centre of Caregiving Excellence


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