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Regional activities, feature articles, practical tips from our counsellors, care highlights and personal stories: find all this and more in our Caregiver Newsletter! This monthly publication is specifically designed for caregivers of older adults. You’ll find practical, useful information on resources in your region.

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In this period of confinement, listening, advice and practical tips are the order of the day. To meet your needs, we have set up a special Caregiver Newsletter that addresses issues that may be of concern to you in these delicate times. We also offer relaxation, games and activities to take care of you and your mental health.


Here are all the sections for the April Special edition:

  •     Main dossier: Taking care of your mental health during confinement
  •     Practical Tip: Should you decontaminate your groceries?
  •     Health Tip: How to manage your anxiety?
  •     A word from your Regional Appui
  •     To relax: What’s playing?