About us
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L’Appui pour les proches aidants was created in 2009 to help improve the quality of life of those providing care to older adults by facilitating their daily tasks and ensuring that they take full advantage of available resources.

We have a strong presence throughout Quebec, thanks to 17 regional Appui offices and a specific agreement for the Cree Territory of James Bay. Each regional office supports local organizations promoting caregivers’ well-being and providing services adapted to their needs.

Each region manages its own fund and invests in a variety of direct services for caregivers.

Our mission

The Société de gestion pour le soutien aux proches aidants (L’Appui national) seeks to foster appreciation for caregivers and mobilize stakeholders across Quebec. To carry out its mission, the organization administers the fund with which it has been entrusted and guides the development of the regional Appui offices. L’Appui national also implements initiatives to help optimize existing services, favouring an approach based on capacity-building and agency, and adhering to the principles of efficiency, consistency and complementarity. The organization encourages and supports innovation, and the building and sharing of knowledge. It implements evaluation and sustainability strategies, and supports the development of promising practices.

L’Appui national is also responsible for managing the Web portal for caregivers of older adults and the various individuals and groups who support them. It organizes province-wide activities to mobilize stakeholders in the caregiving milieu.

We are guided by our vision of a society in which caregivers of older adults enjoy a good quality of life.

The regional Appui offices are non-profit organizations that help to implement and fund information, training, psychosocial support and respite services offered by community organizations. To meet the specific needs that arise in each community and offer more accessible services to caregivers, they mobilize local actors and develop partnerships and networks.

Each regional Appui office is in charge of promoting and developing the Caregiver Helpline, which allows caregivers to receive one-on-one support throughout their care trajectory. Counsellors help caregivers identify their needs and available services in their region, and assist them in determining their strengths, challenges and limits. Finally, each regional Appui office lists local services in an online resource directory.


In 2008, the Ministère de la Famille tabled a report from a public consultation on the living conditions of seniors titled Préparons l’avenir avec nos aînés (Let’s prepare the future with our seniors). This report expressed concerns regarding the support provided to our society’s most vulnerable members and their loved ones. It underscored the importance of providing more support to friends and family providing care to older adults. Following the publication of this report, the National Assembly passed the Act to Establish a Caregiver Support Fund in 2009. This legislation resulted in a financial partnership between the government and the Chagnon family’s company, Sojecci II Ltée. A total of $200 million has been invested to date.

The Société de gestion pour le soutien aux proches aidants (L’Appui national) was created to receive, administer and grant funds from the Ministère de la Famille and Sojecci II Ltée in order to reach the objectives set out in the Act to Establish a Caregiver Support Fund. It was also mandated to support the creation of regional Appui offices across Quebec.