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L’Appui pour les proches aidants d’aînés was created in 2009 to help improve the quality of life of those providing care to older adults by facilitating their daily tasks and ensuring that they take full advantage of available resources.

We have a strong presence throughout Quebec, thanks to 17 regional Appui offices and a specific agreement for Nunavik. Each regional office supports local organizations promoting caregivers’ well-being and providing services adapted to their needs.

Each region manages its own fund and invests in a variety of direct services for caregivers of older adults.


Caregiver Support is a free and confidential phone consultation, information and referral service for the caregivers of older adults, as well as friends and family, practitioners and health care professionals.

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Resource directory

L’Appui has compiled a list of resources and services for caregivers across Quebec. This resource directory is currently being translated and will be posted on our site in the coming months. In the meantime, please contact our bilingual counsellors at Caregiver Support, or browse the French version of the directory to find services in your region.


June 17, 2016
When a loved one has a stroke, the caregiver is thrust into his or her new role suddenly and these new duties must be learned quickly.
June 15, 2017 by The Ligne Aide Abus Aînés Team
Have you heard talk about elder abuse? Some of you might remember the awareness campaign featuring Yvon Deschamps. When we think about abuse, we often imagine someone being pushed and shoved, but abuse encompasses much more than that.What is abuse?Elder...

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