Caregiver appreciation

06 May 2019

Caregiver appreciation

National Caregiver Week, which takes place from November 4 to 10, 2018, is an event that pays tribute to the dedication of caregivers and highlights their contribution to society.

06 May 2019

This year, NCW is seeking specifically to raise greater awareness about and appreciation for the caregiver’s role. Are we aware of the invaluable help that our neighbour, our cousin, our colleague, or even we ourselves, provides to a loved one?

To this end, NCW will highlight the daily actions taken by caregivers, with the slogan Because we will all be caregivers (#AllbeCaregivers). On the program this week: a social media campaign that will tell the stories of seven caregivers, as well as a range of activities planned throughout Quebec. 

Because we will all be caregivers

There is no longer a need to demonstrate that Quebec society is ageing. Between now and 2056, 28% of the population will be 65 years or older. We now know that nearly one quarter of the adult population in Quebec, i.e., 1.5 million people, give over one hour of care per week to a senior in their circle. The number of caregivers will continue to grow over the coming years. Especially if we include in this number chronic illnesses that affect children and adults, and other sources of loss of autonomy that require the intervention of a caregiver. In this context, many people in society will be called to provide support to a loved one, whether a senior, an adult or child.

That's why this year, backed by its Because we will all be caregivers slogan, the campaign will have a more unified and inclusive vision of caregiver status.

A joint initiative

The 2018 National Caregiver Week is the result of the joint initiative of 10 organizations working to maintain the quality of life of caregivers in Quebec. As its Because we will all be caregivers slogan suggests, this year’s objectives are ambitious:

  • To bring together the voices of 10 organizations to amplify the message and actions;
  • To raise the awareness of a wider range of audiences: in addition to caregivers and their circle, stakeholders in caregiving and decision makers, this message is intended to reach the general public and media;
  • To show our solidarity and appreciation of all caregivers, whether they take care of seniors, adults or even children.

A campaign on social networks

Something else new this year: a social media campaign to illustrate the role and daily life of caregivers and to help each of us imagine ourselves in this role.

7 days = 7 photos = 7 caregivers = 7 daily realities

Seven caregivers agreed to meet with us and lend their image to this campaign in a gesture that is part of their daily caregiving routine, sometimes alone and other times with their loved one. Once again, a shared motivation encouraged them to share their realities. Through this action, they hope to encourage all caregivers to recognize themselves as such, and to benefit from the help and support that they need to continue to be there for their loved ones, in the best conditions possible.

A simple, yet powerful formula that will be published and promoted by the various organizations involved. Follow the campaign on Facebook by using the hashtag: #AllbeCaregivers.  

Regional activities

Many activities will also be organized in each region, such as shows, talks and themed workshops. We encourage you to keep current on what's happening near you. To find out more about the activities being held in each Appui region visit or Appui’s Facebook page.


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