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Salon des générations

On December 11, 2019 by L'Appui Côte-Nord

Salon des générations – L’Appui Côte-Nord took part in the 5th edition of the Salon des générations on October 24 and 25, 2019 at the Centre Manicouagan de Baie-Comeau.

This activity is organized by FADOQ – Côte-Nord Region.  Claudette Roussel, Jacques Boulianne, Michel Boudreau and Diane Hamel were at l’Appui’s booth to answer the questions of over 79 people, including some 30 caregivers of seniors who were interested and pleased to learn that l’Appui Côte-Nord is there for them. 

The majority of people who came to the booth did not know what caregivers were.  We were able to explain to them what we mean by caregiving and to give them promotional materials (brochure and the Caregiver Newsletter) to raise their awareness, inform them, promote our services and enable them to communicate with us if need be. 

It must be highlighted that the 30 caregivers of seniors who came to the booth received all the relevant information and left with tools (brochure, Caregiver Newsletter, “Caregiver Guide,” pen, notepad and bookmark) that will help them find answers to their questions and services when they are ready to seek them. 

This type of fair is intergenerational and allows young and old alike to participate, learn about the daily lives of seniors and contribute.