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Sur la route des proches aidants TV program

On August 19, 2019 by Centre de bénévolat Manicouagan

“Sur la route des proches aidants” is a 10-episode program in French presented by the Centre de bénévolat Manicouagan, with the support of l’Appui Côte-Nord.

Aired on TVA Côte-Nord from September 2015 to June 2016, it features the stories of caregivers and support workers, to help the public learn more about caregivers of seniors and also to help inform and equip caregivers to better grasp their daily reality.


The 10 episodes feature the following content: Episode 1: Who is the caregiver?  Episode 2: By choice or obligation?  Episode 3: Can we be accomplished as caregivers?  Episode 4: The role of the physician at home.  Episode 5: Home support services.  Episode 6: The daily life of a caregiver.  Episode 7: What are the caregivers’ rights?  Episode 8: Breaking the isolation.  Episode 9: The caregiver’s social life.  Episode 10: Asking for help, it's human. 


If you didn’t have the chance to watch the episodes when they were aired on TVA, you can now do so in the comfort of your own home whenever you like.  Viewing instructions: | click on “Actualités et activités – l’Appui de la région Côte-Nord” | click on the “Conseils pratiques” tab at the top of the page | Select “Émissions sur la proche aidance” and finally “Sur la route des proches aidants” in collaboration with l’Appui Côte-Nord.  Then simply choose the episode you want to watch. 


Happy viewing!