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March 26, 2018 by Table régionale de concertation des aînés de la Côte-Nord
The Rendez-vous annuels PRÉSÂGES will be presenting a training and wellness activity in Côte-Nord under the theme “1 problem, 36 solutions,” to help you rethink how you do things and boost your know-how.
February 22, 2018 by L'Appui Côte-Nord
L’Appui Côte-Nord received 11 projects for caregivers in response to its latest call for projects that closed on December 15, 2017. The board of directors analyzed the 11 projects and selected them.
January 24, 2018 by L'Appui Côte-Nord
L'Appui Côte-Nord received 10 projects in response to its lates call for proposals, which closed on December 15, 2017.


By Société Alzheimer de la Côte-Nord

The Société Alzheimer de la Côte-Nord provides unconventional respite for caregivers of seniors in Sept-Îles.

Information: Julie Depeyre | 418 968-4673

By Association des aidants naturels de la Côte-Nord

The Association des aidants naturels de la Côte-Nord provides unconventional respite for caregivers of seniors in Port-Cartier.

Information: Carole Sirois | 418-589-2229 or

By North Shore Community Association

Our main objectives are:
To increase awareness of needs of caregivers and seniors;
To increasse delivery of services and resources to vulnerable English-speaking seniors and their caregivers.
The results we are aiming for:
Caregivers and seniors are aware of available community and provincial resources and Wellness activities;
Seniors' needs and caregivers' needs have benn assessed;
Caregivers of seniors benefit from respite;
Improvement in the living conditions of seniors that led to their isolation and access to the services they need;
The NSCA is a designated resource for seniors and caregivers of seniors.
To meet our objectives, we plan to host information and awareness activities, training and respite services. These are detailed under their respective sections.

Information: Jody Lessard | 418 296-1545 ou

By Coasters Association Inc.

When seniors become frail and are cared for at home, a substantial part of that care falls to family members (particularly spouses and children), and friends and neighbours. There is no doubt that with an aging population and the continuing rise of chronic health conditions, we will be relying on informal caregivers more than ever before. But how will it affect them, especially as the number and size of families is decreasing. The needs of family caregivers often go unnoticed, and there is often little or no routine to assess of caregiver's well-being and caregivers often report high levels of burdon, stress, and their own well-being and social activities are non-existant. Family caregivers often lack a support network and this is even more noticeable in small rural communities. Through support measures this project intends to address the needs of family caregivers, as well as raise awareness of the important role they play in the home and in the community. This will be done through an awareness campagin and activities carried out during caregivers week. Targeted Objectives
- Provide access to information through an awareness campaign (directed to caregivers and the local population)
- Recognize caregivers for their services and dedication (caregivers week)
Targeted results
- Local population will be informed, thus engaging them
- Increase access to knowledge and information to aid in caregivers having a healthier lifestyle, increase access to support systems, increase community support improve opportunities for social engagement and discussions
- Caregivers are empowered and recognized (caregivers’ week)
- Communities and seniors and caregivers have increased awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias, seniors abuse, etc...

Information: Priscilla Fequet Griffin | 418 379-2006 or