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Study on the challenges of caregiving as part of a couple

On April 25, 2019

We need you!

Switching from spouse to driver, cook, nurse, accountant – being a caregiver can change the loving relationship when illness arises in a couple. Every caregiver and care receiver experiences it differently depending on their attachment relationship, their personality and their experience.

To better equip the workers who support caregivers and thus enable them to adjust better to the challenges faced by these couples, the Centre collégial d’expertise en gérontologie (CCEG), in partnership with the l’Appui chapters of Centre-du-Québec and Mauricie, has launched a study to build a kit containing tools adapted to couples based on their attachment style.

To achieve this, we need the collaboration of at least 220 caregivers in a couple relationship (with the care receiver) across Quebec. The goal: identify the particular needs of caregivers based on attachment styles and scopes, to intervene more effectively within couple dyads.

We need you...

  • Are you a caregiver who has been in a couple relationship for at least five years with the person you help?
  • Are you retired and over 50 years old?

You can participate in this study until October 1, 2019, by clicking on the following link Projet Lien Amoureux (in French). For any questions about this study led by the CCGE, contact: Carmen Lemelin (PhD) 819.478.4671, ext. 5434 or Caroline Pelletier 819.478.4671 ext. 4111 (SW, doctoral candidate in gerontology).