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A practical guide for positive aging : Vivre vieux, vivre heureux

On January 7, 2019

Vivre vieux, vivre heureux is a practical guide, which aims to de-dramatize and demystify retirement, aging and all the changes associated with them.

The aging of the population is an established fact, but it is possible and even recommended to focus on the positive aspects of aging. Vivre vieux, vivre heureux is a practical guide, which aims to de-dramatize and demystify retirement, aging and all the changes associated with them: you will find advice, references, simple and affordable solutions to start this step more serenely.

Who is this guide for?

Everyone! The leitmotif of this book is that it is never too early to plan. Whether you are active, newly retired, senior or caregiver, the idea is to provide you with all the tools you need to prepare yourself to better aging, ideally in your own home and for as long as possible.

Who is at the origin of the project?

This book is the result of a cooperation between the collective Rêves d'Aînés and Sophie Marcotte.

The Rêves d'Aînés collective is an initiative of the Cossette Lab Health Observatory. As a non-profit organization, it aims to find concrete solutions to seniors' issues by organizing events related to overall health, facilitating networking among stakeholders from different backgrounds and sharing articles and research results.

A true linguistic all-rounder, Sophie Marcotte writes articles in ELLE Québec, VOIR and the Gazette des femmes, among others. For the past fifteen years, she has been particularly interested in everything related to health, social issues, well-being and nutrition.

Both were able to rely on numerous testimonies from professionals and experts, including Magalie Dumas, Director of Health Development and Social Services at National Support, to get a clear picture of the resources available and the importance of being proactive.

What are the covered topics?

The authors of Vivre vieux, vivre heureux have centralized all information relating to aging and the adaptations that result from it. It leads you to develop your own schedule and to organize your actions with your children, your family or professionals related to the family.

Several themes are covered: finance, accommodation, home care... And since trend 2.0 is found in all spheres of our daily lives, a chapter is devoted to the inventory of technological aids already existing, but also to the research currently underway in the field of gerontechnology.

At the same time guide, directory and press review, Vivre vieux, vivre heureux is a good ally to make informed choices, based on serious and proven references.


Note: Vivre vieux, vivre heureux : guide pratique et inspirant pour rester chez soi is only available in French, but most references mentioned offer content in both official languages.

VIVRE VIEUX, VIVRE HEUREUX du Collectif Rêve d’Aîné avec Sophie Marcotte - Les Éditions La Presse - Parution : 5 novembre 2018