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Budget management: resources to help you!

On March 20, 2018

Taking care of a loved one can not only significantly affect your physical and mental health, but also your financial health.

Many caregivers contact Caregiver Support with questions about their financial situation. Whether you are looking for information, guidance in your approach or help with managing your budget or that of your loved one, there are resources available to you!




No matter where you live, support is available.


Associations communautaires d’économie familiales (ACEF)


There are not-for-profit ACEF organizations in most regions. Their mission is to support, inform and raise the awareness of people about personal finance, using credit, preventing debt and debt solutions. They also give people the tools to make informed consumer choices and ensure that their rights are respected. 


Other organizations


Many other organizations with similar missions exist, for example: 

  • Services budgétaires communautaires ou populaires in Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean;
  • Centre d’intervention budgétaire et social (CIBES) in Mauricie
  • Groupe de recherche en animation et planification économique (GRAPE) in the Capitale-Nationale region



Although they may vary slightly from one organization or region to the next, most of the organizations offer the following services:

  • Workshops, trainings and seminars
  • Individual budget and debt solution consultation
  • Assistance with administrative processes


Based on certain eligibility criteria, some organizations offer mutual assistance funds.

Every person is unique, and so is their financial situation. For more information and to find out what organizations are in your area, contact Caregiver Support at 1-855-852-7784.