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The importance of taking a break

On February 22, 2017

One of the things our health depends on is the balance between two major spheres: the physical and the psychological. During the day, our body uses energy and needs to be recharged to get going again the next day. However, sometimes, even during the day, we might need to unwind and recharge our batteries. To help us do this, we can take breaks in our day.  

To take your mind off things

Watching TV or surfing the Internet can help you distract you from the day’s events. This rather passive type of activity is perfect to take your mind off things for a short time, without requiring energy or concentration.

To recharge your batteries

Other activities help recharge the mind and body. There are games (board games, crosswords, etc.), artistic pursuits (music, crafts, cooking, etc.), outdoor activities (walking, fishing, etc.) or spiritual activities (reading, yoga, religious practices, etc.).

Breaks are necessary. They are not a privilege, but rather a way for you to balance your schedule and remain healthy. Give yourself the opportunity to recharge your batteries through activities you enjoy. And through the break, reconnect with yourself and those around you.