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Life after a stroke

On June 17, 2016

When a loved one has a stroke, the caregiver is thrust into his or her new role suddenly and these new duties must be learned quickly.

Since this is Stroke Month, we asked the Heart and Stroke Foundation to tell us about the services available for caregivers.


What characterizes caregivers of stroke survivors?

Recovery after a stroke is a heavy burden on everyone involved. Care partners and caregivers are especially vulnerable. Multi-tasking and providing daily support to someone who is ill is difficult and exhausting, even for the most motivated people who happily take on this responsibility.


What are the main resources offered by the Foundation?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation provides many resources for both stroke survivors and caregivers. For example:

  • Living with StrokeTM program: a six-week community-based program of group workshops for survivors and caregivers. The workshops are led by a health professional.
  • Your Stroke Journey guide: a comprehensive 110-page guide to help you understand stroke and its effects; this guide also provides a wealth of tips, strategies and information on support services, care providers and stroke survivor networks.
  • Taking charge of your stroke recovery guide: a guide to the Canadian stroke best practice recommendations.
  • Website: the stroke section contains all the relevant information from professionals on preventing, treating and living with stroke.


To learn more about strokes and the resources available to your loved one or yourself, visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation website