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Centre Contactivité / Contactivity Center

Contactivity Centre is a non-profit community centre for active seniors. Contactivity Centre is a non-profit community centre for active seniors. The Centre promotes seniors' optimum mental, emotional and physical health to help develop a sense of autonomy. We work together to deal with any unavoidable dependencies that may arise with increasing age.
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Clean sweepers

Coup de balai Inc. is a social economy enterprise with the mission of providing quality domestic aid services and creating sustainable employment. The enterprise is committed to: - Providing quality professional service; - Being punctual and completing the work to the client’s satisfaction; - Respecting your property; - Being discreet and courteous.
Respite, Home care

Coopérative de solidarité NOVaide

The mission of the Coopérative de solidarité NOVaide is built around the following objectives: Provide quality home care services that are affordable; Provide services that help improve quality of life and help seniors stay in their homes; Provide respite services to families or the working population; Provide residents of the areas served with sustainable, quality employment.
Respite, Support, Home care

NOVA Montréal

NOVA Montréal is a community-based, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the providing community health care to Montreal residents, free of charge. Our mission is to provide personalized, high quality and compassionate home care to people who are ill or nearing the end of life, as well as to the families that support them.
Respite, Home care

Plumeau, chiffon et compagnie

Founded in 1997, Plumeau, chiffon et compagnie is a social economy domestic aid enterprise that is the result of a collaboration between community organizations, the CDEC and the area’s three CLSCs. Our clientele is comprised of seniors 65 and over, people with a functional limitation who are referred by their CLSC and the general public.
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Société de soins palliatifs à domicile du Grand Montréal

Offer and provide palliative care and high-quality services to anyone with cancer or other advanced-stage illnesses who want to live out the rest of their life at home, by providing all the care, services and support required by their condition. Enable all loved ones who want to help a person in the aforementioned condition stay at home obtain all the necessary help and support.
Respite, Home care

Tellement bien chez soi-Les services d'aide Remue Ménage

Founded in 1997, Tellement bien chez soi is a social economy enterprise whose mission is to meet the needs of seniors so that they can live independently at home as long as possible. The enterprise offers services to help seniors and people with functional limitations live independently.
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The yellow door

The Generations Project, the Yellow Door's flagship program, is run by two coordinators and over 250 volunteers who serve close to 300 elderly persons in the downtown Montreal area. Many of these friendly visitors are McGill University students who generously volunteer their time and energy.
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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Society of Quebec

Founded in 1983, the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Society of Quebec is a non-profit community organization. Their mission is: • to provide support and referrals for people living with ALS and their loved ones; • to fund research; • to raise awareness of this disease among the general public, government officials and medical and paramedical practitioners. Monday to Friday - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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